RFID Tagging IC Is First To Accept Input From Sensors

Oct. 1, 1999

EXCLUSIVE TO EEPN- The MCRF202 RFID tagging IC is the world's first with a sensor input that contactlessly provides a serial number or other fixed data and determines the logic state of an external sensor output or switch position. The 125-kHz microID tagging IC is suited for industrial RFID applications using sensors or switches.The device features a sensor input to sense the state of an external switch or logic level. The entire data stream is inverted when logic 0 is applied and is normal when logic 1 is applied. This enables designers to power and determine the state of a passive, battery-less switch or sensor without eye contact and without electrical contact while simultaneously reading its serial number or other data stored in on-chip memory. To aid developers, the firm offers the DV103001 microID Developer's Kit.

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