LAN Data Cables Work In High-Flex Applications

May 1, 2000

These LAN data cables are designed to operate reliably in extreme high-flex environments. Data propagation properties can be tailored to meet EIA-TIA Categories 5 through 7 requirements. High strength alloy signal conductors can be specified and overall shielding keeps bit error rates down even in adverse electromagnetic surroundings. Shielding designs range from served wire shields to foil and braided shields. Fatigue stress cracking, even at abnormally low or high temperatures, is not an issue as high-end polymers are used for all insulation layers and jacketing. Applications include continuous flex interconnections for thickness and profile scanners used in rolled steel or aluminum flat product manufacturing operations to gather QC and SPC data in real-time. The cables are subjected to extreme temperature changes, dust, vibration and continuous flexing.


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