Analog Switches Offer Low On-Resistance

June 1, 2000

Two one-gate analog switches, the MC74VHC1G66DFT1 CMOS-compatible and the MC74VHC1GT66DFT1 TTL-compatible, offer a single analog switch function with on resistances below 30 ohms at 25°C with a 3V supply. Both devices are digitally controlled, making them suitable for both traditional and new designs. The MC74VHC1G66DFT1 is similar to the industry standard 4066, with on/off control inputs that are compatible with CMOS outputs. When operating from +5 vdc, the MC74VHC1GT66DFT1 is identical to the MC74VHC1G66DFT1 except that its control pin is TTL compatible. Packaged in ultra-miniature five-lead SOT-353 format, the analog switches cost $0.24 each/3000.


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