Automated Test System Acquires Network Capabilities

June 1, 2000

Systematic testing of SS7, ISDN and Channel Associated Signaling (CAS) networks is possible with FASTest 3.1.1, an enhanced version of the firm's automated, end-to-end test solution for existing telephony networks and next-generation integrated communications services. The new version includes automated controls to support the company's 75000 ATM system from remote locations. Its new Periodic Scheduler feature lets users automatically schedule repeat tests for a specified number of times and run in the background while other functions are operating. FASTest 3.1.1 is a test management system that allows organizations to more effectively utilize their test engineer expertise for improved product delivery. Network engineers can perform tests in the lab or live within network environments and evaluate results on an automated, non-attended basis. Pricing starts at $55,000.

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