Flat Flexible Cables Custom Designed On-Line

Nov. 1, 2000

The company's Internet site has been set up to enable OEMs to develop customized prototypes of its flat flex cables (FFCs) in just 24 hours. The cables are designed at the Web site by using an on-line CAD called FFC-CAD. The software asks questions about the characteristics of the cable to be designed while offering on-line help to formulate answers. At the end of the questionnaire, a reference design is automatically generated, which, together with technical specs, can be printed by the engineer. Once the FFC design is finished, a flat flex cable is ordered. Since specific cables are unlikely to be in stock, the site immediately searches all stock and quickly supplies a list of FFC products closest to that designed by the engineer. Finally, payment is done on-line over a secure payment channel, which in turn triggers the immediate shipping of the quantity ordered.


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