Heavy Duty Cabinets Make Installation Easy

Jan. 1, 2001

Electronic-industry standards for cabinets are claimed to be met with the Heavy Duty vertical racks and sloped front consoles. These racks and consoles are intended for cabinet-design scenarios where requirements can change during the finished product's lifespan. For shock and vibration, the hardware meets MIL-STD 810D and MIL-STD 901. Cabinets can be reinforced to meet earthquake resistance through Zone 4 and standard models meet certain FCC/VDE requirements without gaskets. They can hold over 3,000 lbs. of equipment and be safely moved on casters or with just four standard lift eyebolts. Models come in 17", 24", 29" and 36" depths, 19", 24" and 30" panel widths, and 37" panel heights to 84". A wide range of options and assembly alternatives are available along with custom modifications and colors.

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