Vertical Female Connector Is At Home With Existing Horizontals

Feb. 1, 2001

Complementing existing horizontal female plugs, the new 9600 series of 5-mm pitch vertical female connectors is available in solid blocks having from two to 24 poles. The polarized moldings are fabricated in green UL94-VO flame-retardant PA66 material and feature rising clamp terminals to prevent incorrect cable entry and to protect wires from damage. The vertical female connectors have an anti-solder wicking design and guided pin alignment and are designed to mate with PCB mounting male vertical or horizontal terminals available in closed and open ended styles. Mechanical characteristics of the connectors include 2.5 mm2 cable entry slots, 5 µm tinned phosphor bronze pin/terminals, 5 µm nickel copper flash brass rising clamps, and captive screws. Electrical specifications include 12A/380V rating, dielectric strength greater than or equal to 2.5 kV/60s, an insulation resistance greater than or equal to 5 Megaohms, and a working temperature range from -20 to +125°C (160°C for short periods).

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