Connectors Mate Quickly To MIL-C-5105-Style Receptacles

May 1, 2001

The Swiftmate series of connector plugs is designed to mate quickly to the most popular sizes and configurations of MIL-C-5105-style threaded receptacles. Just a push of the plug is all that is needed to make the connection. They also allow older, MIL-C-5015 threaded-style connectors to take advantage of the new plug's rapid-mating feature and thereby maintain compatibility with existing equipment in the field.
Swiftmate's patented coupling system employs an internal ring of formed, locking fingers that slide over the receptacle's threads. The fingers grab the thread when the connector is fully mated, locking the plug to the receptacle with 25 lb. of pullout resistance. Spring pressure secures the metal coupling ring over the locking fingers. And all that is needed to disengage the connection is a straight-back pull on the coupling ring. The connectors are available in shell sizes from 14S through 24 in straight or right-angle configurations and in insert layouts from one to 24 contacts. Prices start at $6 each/100 with a delivery time of eight weeks ARO.


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