Multi-Channel VOAs Consume Less Power

Aug. 1, 2001

A new series of multi-channel variable optical attenuators (VOAs) offer exceptionally low power consumption, low heat dissipation, and high dynamic range, making them well suited for integration into optical network systems. Applications include dynamic channel balancing in DWDM systems, dynamic channel leveling in optical add/drop multiplexing, and receiver overload control. The VOAs are said to provide reliable and stable electronic control of attenuation across the C, S or L band and to perform dynamic power management fast enough to respond to any optical switching disturbance or variation in the Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) gain profile. In addition, the VOAs feature low insertion loss and low polarization dependent loss. Using its unique electro-optic material, the company claims it is able to manufacture active optical components that consume up to 99% less power than competing planar waveguide technologies manufactured with traditional thermo-optic materials. DIGILENS INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 737-1100.


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