1.4 mm Connector Ogles Critical, High-Density Applications

Jan. 1, 2002

For high-density applications where space is limited and reliability is critical, the SHL disconnectable, crimp-style connector sports a profile of 1.4 mm for offset mounting and 1.8 mm for PCB mounting. Operating over a temperature range of -25ûC to 85ûC, the connector is available in 14, 16 and 20 circuit versions, rated for 1A at 50 Vac/dc.Wires sizes from AWG #32 through #28 can be deployed with the connectors and the contacts feature spring loading. In addition, headers are provided on embossed tape for automatic-insertion equipment. For further information and pricing, contact JST CORP., Waukegan, IL. (800) 947-1110.


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