IR Camera Claimed As The Smallest And Lightest Ever Built

June 1, 2002

Occupying less than 4 in.3 of space and weighing a mere 3.5 oz., the Omega thermal imaging camera reportedly is the smallest and lightest IR camera ever built. It consumes less than 15W of power and is said to deliver high quality images in standard RS-170 or PAL and 14-bit outputs, qualifying the camera for both thermal imaging and data acquisition applications. Omega features a SmartScene video output for maximizing picture quality, frame by frame, by automatically adjusting the conversion algorithm. The camera can "see" at night, through smoke and haze, and discern temperature differences as small as 0.06°C. The modular IR camera is available with a variety of options and can be used in industrial process monitoring, building inspection and surveillance, firefighting, helmet-mounted vision, and other commercial, industrial and military systems. For more details, contact Stan Laband at INDIGO SYSTEMS, Santa Barbara, CA. (805) 964-9797.

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