Phase Noise Generator Delivers High Precision

Sept. 1, 2002

Touted as the first instrument solution for generating accurate, repeatable phase noise, the CS2040PNG phase noise generator targets research, design, test, and production applications in which critical system performance must be verified. The instrument attempts to meet the challenges of modeling phase noise of VCOs, synthesizers, DROs, YIGs and crystal oscillators, while delivering a high level of precision in emulating realistic component and system performance. Users of the device can specify up to 16 continuous phase-noise break points and 16 spurious phase-noise values through a point-and-click control. The CS2040PNG has a range of 1 Hz to 1 MHz, accuracy to 0.1 dBc/Hz, and both integrated and spurious phase generation capability. As a tool, it replaces traditional computer modeling of performance with actual and precise measurements of the impact of phase noise levels and distributions. Pricing starts at $25,000. CELERITY SYSTEMS INC., Cupertino, CA. (408) 873-1001.

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