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Programming Environment Featured On CUDA U Site

Classes have already begun at CUDA U, a new section on the CUDA Zone Web site where users can find instructional material, syllabuses and curricula, and information on schools and programs that offer instruction on NVIDIA’s CUDA programming environment.

CUDA U site currently includes:

  • CUDA documentation and examples,
  • instructional articles and courses,
  • iPod-ready video lectures from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign course “Programming Massively Parallel Processors,”
  • contact information for universities and programs that offer CUDA instruction,
  • CUDA training seminars from major events worldwide, and
  • information on how instructors can link their course materials to the CUDA U site and how to apply for NVIDIA’s Professor Partnership Program, which offers technical and financial support for educational programs and institutions.

Based on the industry-standard C language, CUDA is a programming environment that employs the massively parallel computational capabilities of the GPU processor in most PCs. A number of schools and universities offer instruction in CUDA technology and CUDA U ( ) provides a one-stop shop for information and resources about and for these programs.



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