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Qualcomm Launches Chip Family For Mobile Consumer Devices

Qualcomm announced a family of three new chipset solutions designed to power advanced mobile consumer devices at Mobile World Congress today. The QST1000, QST1100, and QST1105 are a single platform of solutions with a range of capabilities including wireless connectivity, multi-mode GPS positioning, a high-performance applications processor, support for broadcast mobile TV, and rich multimedia. The new QST-series chipsets are designed to enable the next generation of wirelessly connected mobile entertainment, TV, navigation and mobile Internet browsing devices. “With a complete range of QST solutions broadening our product portfolio for non-traditional wireless devices, we are well positioned to accelerate the evolution of personal navigation and entertainment gadgets," Luis Pineda, senior vice president of marketing and product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, said in a statement. The chipsets also add wireless WAN connectivity for voice calls and data capabilities, and interface with Qualcomm's Universal Broadcast Modem (UBM) solution for MediaFLO, DVB-H, and ISDB-T mobile broadcast TV support. The first commercial devices are sampling now and are expected to launch this year.

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