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Resonant Controller Integrates High-Voltage Drivers Plus PFC

The HiperPLC power-supply controller from Power Integrations, Inc. combines a continuous conduction mode power-factor-correction (PFC) controller, an LLC resonant converter, and 800-V half-bridge drivers in a single package.

The device targets applications for high efficiency offline power converters in the power range of 200 to 600 W such as flat-panel TVs, so-called 80+% efficiency bronze, 85+% efficiency silver, and 90+% efficiency gold PC main power and workstation power supplies. It also provides the necessary protection features for both power stages. Other features include comprehensive PFC and LLC fault handling and current limiting, short-circuit protection, high-efficiency zero voltage switching LLC, off-time PFC control to eliminate ac-input sensing components, configurable dead-time control and frequency limits, and an internal PFC current-sense, low-pass filter.

Price for the HiperPLC is $2/each 10,000.

Power Integrations

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