RF Signal Generator Covers 10 To 6000 MHz

RF Signal Generator Covers 10 To 6000 MHz

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, U.K.: The TGR6000 RF signal generator from Aim-TTi can sweep from 10 MHz to 6000 MHz in a single range. Its sweep modes include step sweep and list sweep.

In step sweep, the frequency and/or amplitude are stepped between two fixed points using up to 1000 steps, which can have a fixed time period or a triggered interval. Sweeps can be linear or logarithmic, up or down. In list sweep, frequency and amplitude points are defined within a table, enabling any sweep pattern to be used. Dwell times are fully adjustable down to 10 ms.

The TGR6000 covers 10 to 6000 MHz at an output level of between –110 dBm and +7 dBm, adjustable in 0.1-dB steps. The frequency resolution is 10 Hz, and the internal time base stability is better than one part in 10^6. An external reference can be used for higher accuracy.


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