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SDR Forum: Challenges, Opportunities In 700-MHz Auction

Software Defined Radio (SDR) and cognitive radio technology can facilitate implementation of a nationwide interoperable broadband network in the 700-MHz spectrum, according to a report by the SDR Forum. The report cites the upcoming auction and licensing of the 700-MHz spectrum as a unique opportunity to fulfill the growing demand for spectrum resources for commercial and public safety broadband applications. According to the report, the FCC has adopted the strictest ever build-out rules for wireless services and has established rules to govern the partnership between commercial carriers and the public safety community. These requirements have created challenges that include meeting the divergent needs of commercial and public safety users, coverage, shared operational control, robustness, adaptability, and spectrum use in the absence of network build-out. However, the new supply of spectrum and the associated regulations also present new opportunities for spectrum access and the deployment of wireless networks. "The Forum believes that SDR, cognitive radio, and dynamic spectrum access technology are a vital component of a system design providing the robustness, flexibility, and efficiencies necessary to meet the FCC’s expectation and the communications needs for a wide range of users," according to the report. The 21-page report is titled "Technology Considerations and Recommendations for Software Defined Radio Technologies for the 700-MHz Public/Private Partnership." It was initiated by the Forum’s Public Safety Special Interest Group and prepared by an ad hoc committee.

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