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SES SIRIUS Positioning Latest European Satellite

SES SIRIUS AB is now bringing its latest satellite, SIRIUS 4, into its final orbital position at 5° East following its successful launch from the Baikonur space facility. The company expects the satellite to be commercially available beginning in January 2008, after extensive in-orbit testing. SIRIUS 4’s orbital position will permit it to deliver broadcast and broadband services across Europe. It will also transmit HDTV channels and carry an African beam that will be marketed by SES ASTRA. SES SIRIUS, which is based in Solna, Sweden, now operates a satellite fleet that reaches 20 million homes in Europe. "SIRIUS 4 will benefit our customers and extend our coverage and service in Eastern Europe," Hakan Sjödin, managing director of SES SIRIUS, said in a statement. "The success of the SIRIUS 4 mission is a milestone in our company’s history, and we would like to underline the very good cooperation with our launch partners, International Launch Services and Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems."

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