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Seven Companies Pick Bridgewater WiMAX Solutions

Seven WiMAX service providers picked Bridgewater Systems' solutions for their WiMAX networks. Motorola, Alvarion, and Nortel — among others — have entered into partnerships with Bridgewater. Motorola will incorporate Bridgewater's AAA Service Controller as a key component in its WiMAX infrastructure solutions. Alvarion will offer the AAA Service Controller as part of its all-IP 4Motion WiMAX solution. Nortel is integrating the AAA Service Controller into their comprehensive mobile WiMAX solution. Through these partnerships, Bridgewater is involved in more than 12 WiMAX trials worldwide. With the solutions, WiMAX service providers are able to obtain a dynamic view of each subscriber and their present "context" — the network they are on, the device they are using, the quality of service of the network, and their subscriber profile. This enables operators to support key WiMAX applications like over-the-air provisioning, lawful intercept, and subscriber service control across networks.

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