Wireless Systems Design

Single-Stage Driver Amplifier Boasts Wide Bandwidth

As a single-stage driver amplifier with a 500-MHz to 2500-MHz usable bandwidth, the MAAMSS0071 from M/A-COM is well-suited for a variety of applications, including WiMAX, WiBro, and UMTS/WCDMA basestations. The device features gain blocks with an output of P1dB levels of +26 dBm and gain of 16 dB at 2140 MHz. The usable bandwidth can be optimized for a specific frequency range with external matching components. The amplifier is fabricated using the high-reliability GaAs HBT process and exhibits a high third-order intercept over a wide power range. It comes in a lead-free, RoHS compliant SOT-89 plastic package. The MAAMSS0071 is available from stock. It costs $1.75 in quantities of 10,000. Datasheets and supporting technical documents can be found at www.macom.com.

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