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Wireless Systems Design

Software Extends Scope Measurements For UWB WiMedia Radio

The Tek UWB WiMedia2 software extends the UWB debug and analysis capabilities of the Tektronix DSA70000, DPO70000, and TDS6000C series oscilloscopes to include real-time analysis of Ultra-Wideband RF and electrical signals. With the new software, engineers will be able to design, debug, and validate performance of WiMedia UWB radios used in Certified Wireless USB, WiNet, and High-Speed Bluetooth consumer electronics.

Extensions within Tek UWB WiMedia2 for the WiMedia Alliance's UWB Common Radio Platform offer one-button tests for efficient debugging and rf compliance testing of WiMedia UWB systems, including demodulation of the rf waveform and rf signal quality measurements including constellation patterns, error vector magnitude, power spectral density, ACPR measurements, and spectrograms. The software automatically identifies time frequency code (TFC) — frequency of operation and hopping sequence — and automatically identifies data rate from the rf waveform. The results of all combinations of TFCs, data rates, and band groups are tabulated in standard csv (comma-separated value) format, providing fast and easy documentation of all rf measurements.

Tek UWB WiMedia2 is currently pre-release software and is available for download from for a limited time without charge.

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