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Sweden Becomes Global 3G Test Center

Sweden has been at the forefront of wireless technologies for some time. Now, the country is opening its doors to U.S. and international companies that want to test their 3G-related technologies, products, and services. Sweden boasts virtually nationwide 3G coverage by operators 3, TeliaSonera, and Vodafone.

When TeliaSonera Sweden opened its 3G network last month, for example, users gained access to the mobile Internet at broadband speed. Currently, its 3G network covers 96% of the Swedish municipalities and 75% of the country's population. If a user is outside the 3G coverage area, ongoing calls and data connections are automatically moved to the GSM network. This approach makes TeliaSonera Sweden's GSM and 3G networks one of the strongest combined mobile networks in Europe.

By having access to such a network, companies around the world can better prepare for the upcoming one billion potential 3G subscribers. They can utilize Sweden to develop, test, and refine their business models, management, and deployment strategies. Applications for the 3G test market include database applications, customer-relationship management, inventory lookups, multimedia messaging, streaming video/audio, e-mail with attachments, web browsing, and location-based services.

To learn more about Sweden as a 3G test market, visit the Invest in Sweden Agency's web site at

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