Electronic Design

Synopsys Establishes Dubai Design Center

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), the region's hub for high-tech industries, collaborated with Synopsys to open the Dubai Circuit Design (DCD) center — the region's first advanced chip design center. The new center will focus on delivering physical design services for U.S., European and Asian customers, and will include a worldwide sales force. DCD aims to become the leading regional force in chip design innovation using state-of-the-art Synopsys tools, flows, and methodologies to implement complex silicon designs. Synopsys helped Dubai's design center hire staff and provided management and technical expertise over a period of about three months. The office is now operational with engineers who are fully trained on the latest Synopsys tools and technologies. DCD customers are creating multi-million gate, multi-voltage designs in 90-nanometer (nm) and below process technologies with the help of two Synopsys programs: Synopsys Pilot Design Environment and Synopsys Professional Services. "DCD is an important part of DSOA's objective to create a pool of IC design talent in Dubai using expertise gained by working with Synopsys specialists in semiconductor and microelectronics design," Jihad Kiwan, DCD managing director and Technology and Investment Generation executive director at DSOA, said in a statement. "Dubai Circuit Design is building a robust design capability for international companies looking to implement their chip designs," Glenn Dukes, vice president of Professional Services at Synopsys, said in a statement.

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