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Technology May Give Consumers The Upper Hand In Health Care

Personal health care could change radically as two disruptive technology forces come together, according to Laird Technologies Wireless Systems’ white paper, titled “Trust me, I’m not a doctor—The changing nature of health care.” Driving this change are Internet-connected consumer medical devices and Web sites that bring together the power of cognitive behavior research and e-therapy to remote treatment.

Together, these forces are poised to combine their respective segments of expertise to produce a new generation of consumer health products, according to the paper, written by Nick Hunn, advanced technology director at Laird Technologies. This combination can potentially become the most disruptive change to traditional medical practice, according to the company. If successful, it could take health care out of the hands of professionals and transfer it to the local store as a consumer offering.

Hunn will present the paper at two sessions during the Medica 2008 trade show in Dusseldorf. The first will be during the Delivering Consumer Medical Devices presentation at 12:30 p.m. Nov. 19, and the second will be at the Home Health Monitoring and Assisted Living presentation at noon on Nov. 21. Laird Technologies will be demonstrating its latest wireless product at the Bluetooth Stand in Hall 15.

Laird Technologies Wireless Systems

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