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TI Unveils Analog Design Competition For Students

Texas Instruments Inc. has established the Engibous Prize, $150,000 in annual awards for engineering student who design the most innovative electronics systems using analog semiconductors. Named after recently retired TI chairman Tom Engibous, the prize will be awarded in three regions—Asia, Europe, and North America. It is the largest prize of its kind, according to the company.

“A shortage of talented students in analog could become the single most limiting factor in electronics innovations of the future,” said Gregg Lowe, TI senior vice president and leader of the company’s analog business unit. “TI’s analog university program \[established more than a decade ago\], and now with addition of the Engibous Prize, is our way to contribute toward the training of thousands of analog engineers, positively impacting TI’s future customers and employees.”

The prize will be presented in North America in 2008, and the program will be expanded to the other regions in 2009. Winners will be chosen from participants in TI’s Analog Design Contest.

Engibous began his career at TI in 1976 as an analog design engineer and retired this year as chairman. As CEO and chairman, Engibous took a personal interest in encouraging engineering students to pursue studies and careers in analog design. He has often spoken of how an increasingly digital world ironically needs more analog circuitry in order to translate real-world signals into the ones and zeros of digital processing.

Texas Instruments

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