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Electronic Design

Time/Frequency Technology Group Buys Calibration/Measurement Firm

In an effort to expand its technology and geographical access, Orolio, a precision electronics technology group based in France, has acquired the Stockholm-based Pendulum Instruments. Pendulum specializes in time and frequency calibration, measurement, and analysis.

As a complementary fit to Orolia’s existing time and frequency businesses—T4 Science, SpectraTime, and Spectracom—the acquisition of Pendulum Instruments allows the companies to mutually benefit from global distribution channels, vertical integration of key system components, and local support. The acquisition expands Orolia’s presence in the fast-growing economies of Eastern Europe, Russia, and China. Pendulum Instruments serves the electronics, communications, metrology, and military markets with a product portfolio of frequency counters, frequency standards, frequency distribution systems, and wireless test equipment.

“This is Orolia’s second acquisition in seven months, and is a further milestone in the group’s accelerated growth strategy,” said Jean-Yves Courtois, Orolia’s chairman and CEO. “The acquisition of Pendulum Instruments, with its entrepreneurial management team, a software development center in Saint Petersburg, Russia, its wide sales network, and a strong presence in Eastern Europe and Asia, constitutes a unique opportunity for Orolia to go one step forward in its plan to build a global worldwide leader in iPrecision Systems for Critical Operations.”

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