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Tiny Front-End ICs For Mobile Devices Are Highly Integrated

A series of three front-end ICs (FEICs) from Anadigics Inc. come in low-profile standard packages and target space-constrained applications like next-generation, WiFi-enabled smart phones and other consumer products. The AWL9230/9231/9232 offer the industry’s highest level of GaAs on-chip integration, according to Anadigics. The chips use the company’s InGaP-Plus process, which allows a power amplifier, a low-noise amplifier, a Bluetooth path, and an rf antenna switch to fit in a 3- by 3- by 0.55-mm package. They require only one capacitor and one inductor outside the package and interface directly with a WiFi/Bluetooth chipset. The FEICs are compatible with the IEEE 802.11b/g and 802.11n multiple-in, multiple-out (MIMO) WiFi standards.

The AWL9230 FEIC draws 140 mA at an output power of +19 dBm. Designed for lower-voltage applications, the AWL9231 draws 135 mA at an output power of +18 dBm. For higher-power applications, the AWL9232 draws 175 mA at an output power of +21 dBm. All output powers specified are measured at the antenna port. The three devices achieve 3.5% error vector magnitude (EVM). At low output powers, the EVM is very low, making them a perfect fit for 802.11n MIMO applications. The FEICs are RoHS-compatible.

Samples are available now. For further information, go to www.anadigics.com.

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