Toshiba Develops World’s Highest-Capacity Auto-Grade HDD

Neuss, Germany: The Storage Device Division (SDD) of Toshiba has developed automotive-grade hard-disc drives (HDDs) that deliver 200 Gbytes of storage capacity in a single-platter design. According to the company, the 4200-RPM S-ATA MK2060GSC is the highest-capacity automotive-grade HDD available. It’s designed for telematic and infotainment applications.

Technical benefits include a 78% improvement in internal transfer rates, a faster seek time of 12 ms, and quiet “silent seek” operation of 23 dB. Additionally, the HDD can withstand altitude variations of –300 to 12,000 m (non-operating) and –300 to 5650 m (operating). It operates from –30°C to 85°C, delivering high levels of operating shock resistance (2940 m/s2) as well as increasing vibration resistance of 29.4 m/s2 (3G, 8 to 50 Hz), 24.5 m/s2 (2.5G, 50 to 200 Hz), and 19.6 m/s2 (2G, 200 to 500 Hz).

The MK2060GSC has been launched alongside the MK1060GSC, another automotive-grade HDD offering 100 Gbytes of storage capacity. Both products in this series of HDDs also suit use in industrial settings where extended temperature tolerance is required.

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