Training Program For Unemployed EDA Workers Expanded To Europe

Training Program For Unemployed EDA Workers Expanded To Europe

Wilsonville, Oregon, the U.S.: Mentor Graphics has expanded its displaced worker program to provide training to EDA workers in Europe who are unemployed. Developed in 2002, the program offers free training on a “space available” basis to displaced electronics designers and engineers. With the inclusion of online courses, this program can now include engineers in Europe who are not located near a Mentor Graphics training centre.

In addition to online work, classroom instruction can take place at Mentor Graphics training centres at locations such as Espoo, Finland; Kista, Sweden; Milan, Italy; Munich, Germany; Newbury, the U.K.; and Paris, France. Both live online and classroom-based courses are open to pre-qualified engineers and designers who meet certain requirements, including at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or relevant experience.

A displaced worker’s name can optionally be added to a list made available to employers who have open positions, providing another source of opportunities for the job seeker. More information, including enrolment forms, can be found at

Mentor Graphics

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