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TriQuint Process Cuts Cost Of mm-Wave Devices

The new TQP13-N process will drop the cost of producing millimeter-wave products, allowing them to move into more high-volume commercial applications, according to TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. The TQP13-N process is designed around the company’s patented transistor technology, which replaces traditional E-beam techniques with optical gate lithography. "High-frequency applications have been considered too expensive for use in commercial markets," Mike Peters, director of marketing for TriQuint’s Commercial Foundry, said in a statement. "With TQP13-N, TriQuint is offering a disruptive new technology at a price point that can drive the volume needed to be successful." The new process is enabled by a unique, low-cost 150-mm GaAs wafer manufacturing process. It incorporates a highly repeatable optically defined, 0.13-µm self-aligned gate pHEMT FET using a highly reliable refractory gate metal system, coupled with high-density capacitors, epitaxial and nichrome resistors, and two layers of gold interconnect. The process is in production and device samples and design kits are available now.

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