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Turkish Government Project Adopts Teridian Smart Card Controllers

The Turkish government’s ID and electronic social security project has adopted Teridian Semiconductor’s 73S1215F controller for its terminals. TUBITAK UEKAE, National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology in Turkey, has selected the chip as the hardware basis for its common smart card terminal that will be deployed in conjunction with the up-coming launch of e-Government and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) smart cards.

TUBITAK UEKAE’s research and development team is currently entering field trials with a terminal platform based on the 73S1215F smart card controller, which provides connectivity over USB or serial link with smart cards and secure access modules (SAMs). This platform will be ready for pilot applications starting this year.

The 73S1215F is part of Teridian’s 73S12xx series of smart card reader controllers that are built around a 80515 core and offer JTAG-like in-circuit emulation for programming and development. The 73S1215F controller includes multiple ISO7816 card slots with a built-in full ISO7816/EMV interface, PINpad interface, CCID-compliant firmware and driver, and on-chip flash memory to support firmware upgrades.

Pricing for the series is available upon request. Production volumes of the 73S12xxF IC series are currently available, as well as data sheets and development kits.


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