Wireless Systems Design

Upgrades To EV-DO, HSDPA Cards Increase System Performance

A pair of Mini Card Embedded Modules from Novatel Wireless Inc. deliver expanded carrier support for the next-generation of EV-DO Rev. A and HSDPA platforms and applications in development by the company’s tier-one OEM customers. Upgrades include advanced wireless functions such as antenna diversity, advanced receiver technology, increased bandwidth, and throughput of up to 7.2 Mbits/s. Location-based GPS functions have also been enhanced to support the development of innovative OEM designs.

Included in the upgraded offerings is the Expedite E725 Express Mini Card Embedded Module, which was recently approved for deployment on three leading North American networks, including two tier-one carriers. With enhanced peak downlink data rates up to 3.1 Mbits/s and peak upload data rates of 1.8 Mbits/s, these dual-band modules operate on both EV-DO and CDMA networks. For HSDPA networks, the enhanced Expedite EU860D and EU870D PCI Express Mini Card Embedded Modules are optimized for HSDPA and UTMS networks in Europe and North America. Novatel quadrupled the modules’ downlink data rates, pushing them up to 7.2 Mbits/s. The EU8X0D products are GCF and PTCRB approved and have attained accreditation on several HSDPA networks across Europe and North America.

For more information, go to www. novatelwireless.com .

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