Virtuoso Performance Enhances R&S RFICs Functionality

Bracknell, England: Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) has increased the functionality of its radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) through an increased simulation depth using the Virtuoso Accelerated Parallel Simulator (APS) from Cadence Design Systems. The simulator’s accuracy, performance, and ease of use enabled R&S to experience a simulation gain with mixed-signal RF circuits featuring as many as 64,000 mutual inductors and 3000 actual inductors.

The Virtuoso APS delivers the full accuracy of the Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator, used by R&S as its sign-off simulator. Developed to solve the largest and most complex analog and mixed-signal designs across all process nodes, the APS simulator combines Cadence simulation technologies and a breakthrough parallel circuit solver, along with a newly architected engine that efficiently harnesses the power of multiprocessing computing platforms.

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