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Visual Tools Serve New ICs

To be successful in the marketplace, mobile devices must consistently increase their value and versatility. Their makers don't usually find it easy to meet those goals, however. They must face cost, design-time, and other development hurdles. Now, Metrowerks (www.metrowerks.com) and QuickSilver Technology, Inc. (www.quicksilvertech.com) have joined forces to advance mobile-communications development.

Essentially, Metrowerks has licensed its CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to QuickSilver Technology. Using that IDE, QuickSilver plans to create a comprehensive toolchain for its Adaptive Computing Machine (ACM). The ACM is the company's new class of integrated circuit (IC). It is the only software-programmable, real-time adaptive IC that offers ASIC-class performance and low power consumption. The ACM targets next-generation mobile devices and communications handsets.

With the IDE license, QuickSilver should be able to more easily deliver high-quality, visual software-development tools. Previously, a standard toolset didn't exist for communications-processing technologies. Now, users will be able to select preferences, debug projects, and perform point-and-click and drag-and-drop editing with ease. Such capabilities should make it simpler and quicker for customers to exploit ACM's design advantages. They also should be able to increase their product differentiation and more easily keep up with industry protocols, standards, and consumer requirements.

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