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Web Site Combats Counterfeit Parts

Rochester Electronics has launched a source directory Web site of authorized distributors to help ensure that customers are buying fully-traceable and manufacturer-certified parts. The site, www.ElectronicsASC.com, was created through the endorsement and efforts of the Semiconductor Industry Association’s Anti-Counterfeit Task Force, to help combat the growing problem of counterfeit components entering the supply chain. The Electronics Authorized Source Directory (EASD) is part of a larger campaign by SIA that involves working with customs authorities to seize counterfeits at the borders and encouraging the authentication of legitimate products and distributors.

Earlier this year, with the support of the SIA, Rochester published The 2008 Official Manufacturers' Distributor Authorization Reference Manual, a hard-copy version of the directory, as a central repository for information on authorized distributors for purchasers of components. The Web site is an advancement in serving customers by allowing continuously updated information to be available.

For a copy of the printed reference manual, e-mail your request to [email protected].

Rochester Electronics

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