Wireless Systems Design

Wireless Sensor Nodes Replace Inductive Loops For Vehicle Detection

Utilizing their SureCross Wireless Network and their M-GAGE Wireless Sensor Node, Banner Engineering Corp managed to create an efficient and reliable vehicle sensing system. Encapsulated in a rugged, IP67 SureCross Node enclosure, the M-GAGE comes with a FlexPower battery that powers both sensing and wireless connectivity for up to 10 years. According to Banner Engineering, the M-GAGE offers greater durability and reliability than inductive loops and is less costly to install and maintain. Reportedly, this node is easy to install, requiring little excavation while allowing quick and easy access for battery replacement (view the M-GAGE here).

The M-GAGE detects three-dimensional changes in the earth’s natural magnetic field caused by the presence of large ferrous objects. The SureCross Wireless Network offers proprietary rf design and a centralized Gateway system controller used to monitor and/or control I/O for up to 15 nodes. It features direct connectivity to Modbus RTU RS-485 and RS-232 serial communications and other industrial protocols. The network is compatible with 900-MHz and 2.4-GHz systems for global applications. The M-GAGE Wireless Sensor Nodes cost $450. Gateways are sold separately.

For more information, go to www. bannerengineering.com.

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