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Xilinx Opens Regional Headquarters In Singapore

Xilinx today established a regional headquarters in Singapore that can house up to 500 employees and significantly expands its manufacturing and in-house process development resources. The company also plans to up research and development (R&D), which is currently focused on next-generation field programmable gate array (FPGA) design at 45nm and below. The company also formed a joint lab at the Republic Polytechnic (RP), the company's first in Southeast Asia. "Innovation must be done close to the customer," Wim Roelandts, Xilinx Chairman, CEO and President, said in a statement. "The excellent business environment in Singapore, in proximity to our customers in Asia Pacific, allows us to meet increased customer demand for programmable solutions in this rapidly growing, important market for digital consumer electronics." Over the past year, Singapore has attracted new investments by leading companies like Intel, Micron, Soitec, Qimonda, Siltronic and Samsung, according to an Xilinx release.

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