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ZigBee Modules Simplify Adoption In Industrial Networks

ZigBee is a cool wireless technology that’s perfect for many industrial uses, like reading remote sensors and initiating various control operations from a distance. But for many engineers in industry without RF or wireless experience, implementing a ZigBee network is a bit beyond the normal call. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use ZigBee.

All you have to do is adopt some complete, ready-to-go modules. AeroComm’s line of ZigBee Your Way transceiver modules can drop right into many industrial applications with minimum fuss. For example, the ZB2430-D surface-mount module measures about 1 in. square and targets industrial mesh applications.

It’s the first ZigBee module to cost less than $10. It also fully complies with the IEEE 802.15.4 and the ZigBee Alliance standards. The maximum serial data rate is 115.2 kbits/s, and the output power is variable from –20 to +2 dBm. The receiver has a typical sensitivity of –94 dBm, which translates to an outdoor range of about 135 m and indoor range of 40 m.

The module is available with a built-in chip antenna. A version without the antenna has provisions for other external antennas. With a 3.3-V supply, current drain ranges from 25 to 27 mA for transmit or receive. 128 kbits of built-in flash provide extra memory for larger and more complex application profiles. A developer’s kit is available as well.


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