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The Critical Connection Podcast Ep. #4: Considerations in Using “Ruggedized” I/O Connectors

Oct. 10, 2022
Modern electronics are being deployed in more and more harsh environments, where they must work optimally. The cables and connectors used need to be as rugged as the package they are connected to, or system performance may be compromised.
The latest electronic solutions are being used in more places and applications than ever before. Products in harsh environmental situations must continue to work safely, reliably, and well. This puts a great deal of pressure on design engineering teams to ensure the products they create always operate optimally, no matter where they are deployed. 

The cables and connectors used in a system are often overlooked or under-considered due to their peripheral role to the product. However, it is important to remember that the cables, and especially the connectors, are important parts of the system enclosure and a primary barrier to the outside world and its harsh environments.

The interconnects used in any given system must be as good as — or better than — the rest of the components used, or performance and reliability can be compromised.

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