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330-W Open-Frame Supply Achieves 15-W/in.<sup>3</sup> Density

330-W Open-Frame Supply Achieves 15-W/in.<sup>3</sup> Density

74598_1025-ASimi Valley, Calif., U.S.: N2Power’s 330-W XL330-54 ac-dc power supply offers an impressive combination of power and density. The open-frame power supply delivers a power density of 15 W/in. 3 with only 13CFM cooling. Measuring 34 mm (1.35 in.) high, its 76- by 135-mm (3 by 5.3 in.) footprint makes it 32% smaller than similarly rated 1U power supplies, which tend to come in 102- by 152-mm (6 by 4 in.) form factors (see the figure).

Achieved through synchronous rectification, Or-ing MOSFETs, and a unique active power factor correction (PFC) design, the XL330-54’s 90% maximum full-load efficiency yields 23% less heat than most comparable power supplies, minimising cooling requirements and increasing system reliability.

The XL330-54 has two primary outputs, 54 V/6.1 A and 12 V/9 A, plus a 12-V/1-A auxiliary output. The 54-V output is 2250 V dc isolated from the other outputs, making it compatible with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The design also allows active current sharing on the 54-V output for up to four power supplies to be operated in parallel. N+1 operation can be configured as well.

Other features include universal ac input (90 264 V ac) and active inrush current protection of 10.5 A at 240 V ac, which does not change during operation.


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