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60 V LED Controller Packs Internal PWM Generator

60 V LED Controller Packs Internal PWM Generator

LinearTech_1203-AThe LT3761 is a 60 V dc/dc controller designed by Linear Technology to operate as a constant-current source and constant-voltage regulator. Its internal PWM dimming generator is designed for driving high current LEDs, but it also has features making it useful in charging batteries and supercapacitors. The controller’s 4.5 V to 60 V input voltage range makes it suitable for automotive, industrial and architectural lighting applications. Utilizing an external N-channel MOSFET, it can drive up to fifteen 1 A white LEDs from a nominal 12 V input, delivering in excess of 50 W. Incorporating a high-side current sense enables its use in boost, buck or buck-boost modes or SEPIC topologies. The internal PWM generator delivers dimming ratios as high as 50:1, or an external PWM signal can be utilized, delivering dimming ratios of up to 3,000:1. The LT3761 LED controllers are available from stock in a thermally enhanced MSOP-16 package. Pricing starts at $3.45 each/1,000 for the LT3761EMSE, $3.86 each/1,000 for the LT3761IMSE I grade version and $4.11 each/1,000 for the LT3761HMSE H grade option.

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