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IC Configures Voltage Output in Portable Designs

IC Configures Voltage Output in Portable Designs

OnSemi_1109-AAddressing the growing need for higher power densities in portable consumer electronics designs, ON Semiconductor has announced the NCP6338, a configurable 6-A step down dc-dc converter. With a programmable output voltage range from 0.6 V to 1.4 V in 6.25 mV increments while operating down to an input voltage of 2.3 V, the synchronous buck converter is optimized to supply power to advanced applications processors for portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Using a modular output strength drive combined with automatic PWM and PFM, the device can adapt its efficiency performance to the load profile, thus saving battery life. Operating modes and output voltage can be set through an I²C serial interface while several combinations can be I/O pin selected for latency free control. Operating at a 3 MHz switching frequency with a large possible selection of output L-C filters, designers can achieve high regulation performance in a small area. The NCP6338 converter IC is supplied in a compact 2.06 mm x 2.46 mm x 0.6 mm CSP-30 RoHS-compliant package and is priced at $1.05 each/10,000.

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