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LED Driver ICs Deliver Tight Regulation And High Efficiency

LED Driver ICs Deliver Tight Regulation And High Efficiency

PowInt_1115-APower Integrations' LYTSwitch family of LED driver ICs aims at consumer, commercial and industrial lighting applications. The new ICs deliver tight regulation and high efficiency for tube replacements and high-bay lighting, while improving performance in TRIAC-dimmable bulb applications. The ICs combine PFC and CC into a single switching stage, increasing driver efficiency to more than 90% in typical applications, delivering a power factor greater than 0.95 and meeting EN61000-3-2C requirements for total harmonic distortion. The combined single-stage converter topology eliminates high-voltage electrolytic bulk capacitors, leading to extended driver lifetimes even in high ambient temperatures. Accurate primary-side control yields true tight CC performance with better than +/-5% regulation across load and a wide temperature range and production variation. High switching frequency of 132 kHz allows small magnetics to be used in space-constrained bulb applications, while frequency jittering reduces EMI filter requirements. LYTSwitch LED driver samples are available now in eSIP-7C (E package) and eSIP-7F (L package), priced from $0.70 to $1.60 each/10,000.

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