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PMIC For ARM Quad-Core Minimises Power Consumption

PMIC For ARM Quad-Core Minimises Power Consumption

Dialog_1204-AKirchheim, Germany: Designed for ARM dual-core and quad-core application processors, the Dialogic Semiconductor DA9063 power management IC can deliver up to 12 A from its six dc-dc converters (see the figure).

The IC can power the processor (the core at up to 5 A plus other processor supplies), external memories, wireless communications (WLAN and Bluetooth), GPS and FM receivers, and data modems. The dc-dc converters can be paralleled to provide 3-A and 5-A rails.

The DA9063 has 11 SmartMirror low-dropout regulators (LDOs), 16 general-purpose I/Os (GPIOs), and two rail switches, in addition to the six main dc-dc outputs. Any startup sequence, output voltage, and DVC ramps can be programmed, providing opportunities to minimise power consumption. For example, the application can be completely powered down and started again under the DA9063’s supervisory function.

Also, dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) is available to help minimise power consumption. The wide supply range of 2.7 to 5.5 V enables the use of single-cell lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries as well as a standard 5-V supply or a USB power supply. 

The DA9063’s multimode buck converter runs at a 3-MHz switching frequency, enabling inductors just 1 mm high to be used, while maintaining the high peak current. The IC comes in an 8- by 8-mm ball-grid array (BGA) package that facilitates simple routing, allowing low-cost, two-layer printed-circuit boards (PCBs) to be used for some designs.

Dialog Semiconductor

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