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Wide-Input-Range DC-DCs Tackle Long Hold-Up Times

Wide-Input-Range DC-DCs Tackle Long Hold-Up Times

murata_1112-ATransportation and industrial applications with widely varying input voltage, and that require hold-up capability, can take advantage of the RUW15 series of 15-W, ultra-wide, single-output isolated dc-dc converters. Input ranges from 16 to 160 V dc. Developed by Murata Power Solutions, the RUW series features high immunity to input surges and can “ride through” drop-outs of indefinite duration across the input range by adding a relatively small external capacitor (e.g., the output can be maintained for up to 120 ms at full load from any input when using a 900-µF capacitor). Nominal outputs of 5, 12, or 24 V dc are available. Input-to-output isolation complies with the UL 60950 for reinforced isolation of up to 4 kV ac test voltage. Protection features include overload, overtemperature, output short circuit, and output overvoltage. The device measures 50.8 by 50.8 by 20.0 mm.


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