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10- And 12-Bit ADCs Include Programmable MUX

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Promising extensive versatility, the LTC 1850 10-bit and LTC 185112-bit a/d converters provide eight channels of programmable MUX and sampling rates to, 8-channel, 1.25 Msamples/s. With built-in channel sequencing capability, the sequencer automatically convert s single-ended and differential signals over unipolar and bipolar gain ranges. Both converters can automatically scan through channels in a user-programmed sequence and their internal reference can be pin-strapped to offer 2.048V, 2.5V or 4.096V spans or it can be overridden to allow an external reference. These features combined with an internal analog input gain of one or one-half yields 10 different possibilities for the input span. Both devices have a dc accuracy of ±1 LSB INL and DNL and consume 40 mW operating from a 5V supply. Offered in a 48-pin TSSOP, pricing begins at $5.95 each/1,000. For literature, call LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORP., Milpitas, CA. (800) 454-6327.

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