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10-GHz SiGe Limiting Amp Targets High-Speed Apps

Requiring a single -5.2V power supply and featuring a high gain of 50 dB and wide bandwidth of 10 GHz, this silicon germanium (SeGe) chip is suited for use in OC-192 SONET/SDH and dense wave division multiplexing and high-frequency fiber optic applications. The S3096OC-192 limiting amplifier is said to provide a powerful and cost-effective solution for long haul, high-speed applications. By drawing only 90 mA of current, the device can be used in conjunction with the firm’s S3090transimpedance amplifier to provide designers a low-power solution for high-speed optical fiber transmission needs. The 50 dB of gain offered by the chip allows it to provide a voltage limited output for input signals to below 4 mV, differential. It also provides a high output voltage swing of 900 mVp-p.

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