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12- And 10-Bit ADCs Come In 8-Pin µMAX Pack

Operating on a single supply voltage of from 2.7V to 5.25V, MAX144/MAX145 12-bit and MAX157/MAX159 10-bit ADCs combine a 6.4 µs successive approximation ADC, automatic power-down, fast wakeup of 2.5 µs, on-chip clock, and high-speed three-wire serial interface in an 8-pin µMAX or DIP package. Power consumption at the 108 KSPS maximum sampling rate is 3.2 mW at 3.6V. At lower throughput rates, use of the 0.2 µA shutdown mode between conversions can reduce power consumption even further. The 2-channel MAX144/MAX157 accept single-ended inputs in the 0V to VREF range and the single-channel MAX145/MAX159 accept pseudo-differential inputs in the 0V to VREF range. Application of an external clock provides access to the output data through a three-wire serial interface that is compatible with SPI, QSPI and MICROWIRE standards.

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