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12-Bit Sampling ADC Comes In MSOP

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A small 8-pin MSOP is the residence for a 12-bit sampling ADC that combines speed and low-power operation. The ADS7835 features a 500-kHz throughput rate and dissipates just 17.5 mW, making it suitable for battery-powered systems such as wireless communication devices, portable multi-channel data loggers and spectrum analyzers.The converter includes a sample-and-hold, a 2.5V reference, single 5V supply operation and a synchronous serial interface. It offers a true, single-ended bipolar input range of ±VREF, and the internal reference can be overdriven by an external voltage. A power-down mode reduces power dissipation to just 2.5 mW. Operation is from -40°C to 85°C.

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