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12/16-Bit ADCs Work At 250-Ksample/s Pace

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The 12-bit LTC1860 and 16-bit LTC1864 a/d converters each provide a sampling rate of up to 250 ksamples/s and come in eight-lead MSOP. The LTC1864 draws only 850 µA at full speed and 2 µA at 1 ksamples/s. What is said to be an innovative self-clocking conversion enables the accuracy of the converter to be independent of the shift clock frequency. Both devices are pin compatible and provide true differential inputs and SPI/Microwire serial I/O. Pricing begins at $2.30 for the LTC1860 and $5.95 for the LTC1864, each/1,000. LINEAR TEHNOLOGY CORP., Milpitas, CA. (408) 432-1900.

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